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The GetKoachD Smoothie

Having a healthy, great tasting smoothie should be something we should all have in our repertoire. Whether it's for breakfast, a snack or post that hard workout it needs to be quick and simple with only a few ingredients.

This smoothie recipe covers the three big macros (carbohydrate, Essential fats, protein) as well as antioxidants and a few extra nutrients through a greens supplement.


  • 1 whole banana (I keep a few frozen in the freezer for when I run out!)

  • A handful of mixed frozen berries (you can use fresh berries or your preferred choice here!)

  • Dessert spoon of LSA meal - Linseed, Soy Almond,

  • Dessert spoon of chia seeds

  • Dessert spoon of protein - I use either unflavoured pea or whey protein

  • Dessert spoon of peanut butter - get the good stuff. Just peanuts. No other ingredients!

  • Small squirt of honey

  • 2 teaspoons of greens powder - I use Vital All-in-One

  • Milk, water or both - I use around 200ml of almond mild and 200ml of cold water


Drop the lot into a blender and let it rip!

Drink straight out of the blender to reduce washing extra items! Or be a normal, civilised person and use a glass.....

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